If you can’t find the answer to your inquiry on the list below, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are open 7/7. Deliveries/retrievals take place from 9am to 6pm.

Our warehouse is located fifteen minutes from the Bordeaux city center. Given the distance and the lack of means of transports, it is not our general practice to welcome our customers. However, should you be motorized, delivery can take place in our warehouse by appointment only.
In any cases, we deliver the bikes at your chosen address or by the train station (see next question).

We meet you free of charge 100m away from the train station.
The address is 60 Rue Eugene le Roy, Bordeaux.
It is located in front of the Ibis Budget hotel main’s entrance. This a big white building with a blue square logo.

The GPS coordinates are 44°49’33.481″ N 0°33’28.13″ W.

You can also click on these links to find us on:
Google Maps
Google Street View

Do not hesitate to download here a picture showing all these elements combined.

Delivery at the Bordeaux Saint-Jean railway station is free of charge. For any other destination and address (Bordeaux and its suburbs, airport, South-West, France, Spain,…) we will give you an estimate.
As we depend on the traffic, we kindly ask you to take into account a possible 30 minutes delay.
Groups, long term or fidelity discounts do not apply to transportation fees.

We are a micro-business company of 2 persons. We do consider that this small number enables us to offer you the best possible quality of service and communication. Furthermore, our rental fleet is limited owing to its value. For these reasons, we cannot accept rentals for less than 5 days from May to mid-Ocotber included and for less than 3 days from mid-October to April.
A rental day starts at 9.00/9am the earliest and ends at 18.00/6pm the latest.

If you are involved in a road accident or are injured, please call emergency numbers ( 112).
If you have small mechanical problems, even though exceptional, we will do our best to give you the most suitable solution. However we do not fix punctures. You have to use the provided repair kit to fix them yourself. Thank you for your comprehension.

If you wish to extend your location, please contact us as soon as possible to check availability of your bike. In case you wish to return your bike before the due date, we will reimburse the remaining days only for serious reasons.

Every bike rental booking requires the payment of deposit of 50% of the total amount. If you cancel:
– less than 15 days prior to arriving, 100% of the deposit will be retained
– between 15 and 30 days prior to arriving, 50% of the deposit will be retained
– more than 30 days prior to arriving, 100% of the deposit will be refunded
Our other services (route design, Tour Package, …) have a different cancellation policy. More information will be given by email.

According to law (Articles 1383 and 1384 of the Civil Code), the renter is personally responsible for road traffic offences and any physical injury or material damage caused to a third party while using the leased equipment in their charge.
As a consequence, we will then apply a fixed amount against your caution, corresponding to the damages observed on the bike(s) and accessories. A scoring grid including the most damages is available on demand. In case of theft, the whole of the caution will be withheld. You will find more details in our general terms and conditions of rental.

Our locks, although solid, have a disuasive role above all. No solution on the market can totally prevent theft. For this reason, we formally prohibit the storage of bicycles outside at night.
As soon as bicycles are no longer in use, they must be secured, including inside a car park, building,… To do this, attach the supplied locks to fixed points that are firmly anchored in the ground and high enough.
Similarly, we ask our customers not to leave bicycles unattended, even if they are attached.
You will find more details in our general terms and conditions of rental.

Our insurance policy does not cover our equipment as soon as delivered. Your liability insurance or any other specific contract will protect you during the rental period.

You may notice that the size of the bike we picked for you is different from your usual bike. Why is that ?

1/The purpose affects the size
The goal of a racing bike is to be effective. This means going as fast as possible while consuming the lowest energy possible. The geometry and peripherals reflect that purpose: drop handlebars to avoid bad aerodynamics, saddle higher than the handlebar, short wheelbase, big rings, light frame, thin tires, …

Trekking bikes and e-bikes are designed to achieve the same goal as above: being effective. But here “effective” means: being comfortable, carrying heavy weights, saving considerable effort, being reliable and versatile, … The geometry and components are different: the handlebar is higher and may be curved to allow a panoramic vision, the seat is larger and softer, the tires are bigger, there is a rear rack, …

As your position on a racing bike will be different from a trekking bike (lean vs upright), the tubes which compose the frames have various lengths (e.g. longer headtube and wheelbase on a trekking bike). As the size is related to these lengths, they will be different too.

If you ride racing bikes only, this is why the size of any other bike will seem wrong.
e.g. a 180cm male rider would certainly ride a 56 racing bike but he will need a 52 trekking bike/e-bike.

2/Your body and habits affect the size
Your culture, gender and age should also be taken into account.

-The world of bicycles has evolved a lot in the past decades and still does. Look at the pictures of Miguel Indurain’s Pinarello Banesto. Now, compare them to a Dogma F10. They don’t look much the same. Imagine what your position will be on each bike. If you are used to older bikes, you will certainly be amazed when we mention the size we selected for you on a recent one. That’s a fact, old bikes were bigger. Nevertheless, we’re not saying that you should throw away your old companion. 😉

-Your culture does affect the size too. You can be from a region where people ride bigger or smaller bikes than here in Europe. E.g. American citizens usually ride bigger bikes than elsewhere. Riding such bikes in France would be considered as a mistake. This same applies to cars: muscle cars vs European sport cars. Which one are better? Your call! 😊

-Eventually, the size may also vary according to the gender because of the leg/chest ratio. Women usually have longer legs than men.

3/The manufacturer and product range affect the size
Finally, we have to take into account the manufacturer’s choices. At a given price, every brand is looking for the best bike possible.
The shape of a bike is dictated by a unique combination of design and technologies that belong to that brand only. Which means that a “Bikedale” is different from a “Cyclized”, no matter if the size and product range are the same.
If you do not ride a Cube Attain GTC SL 2018 at home, the size is likely to be different.
For your information, our racing bikes are designed to be comfortable all-rounders and are quite compact. We invite you to check their geometry here and compare it with your bike’s. This way, we’ll be sure that you have the best position possible.

The trekking bikes and E-bikes are less sophisticated (or is it related to the riders? 😊). They are all about the same size, no matter the brand.

We have been renting bikes for many years now. We are passionate people, not money makers. We select our bikes very carefully. They have to meet all our expectations to serve our only goal: providing you with the best possible services and making your stay here a success. And we think that riding the right bike is the beginning of it. You can definitely rely on our experience.

However, should you have a particularity that might affect our choice, do not hesitate to let us know!

e.g. Norbert has short arms (=he prefers a smaller bike) while Jonathan has infinite legs (=he requires an extra-long seat post).

We stricly forbid the transport of bicycles on a bus.

In France, we have one railway company: SNCF. Its fleet is composed of 3 types of trains:
1/TER which are local trains:
-average speed
-affordable prices
-frequent stops
-basic comfort
-no need to book a ticket, you can buy it just before taking the train
-bikes allowed for free (no need to dismantle and pack the bikes)

2/Intercité which are long distance trains:
-higher speed
-more expensive
-fewer stops
-nice comfort
-you have to book a ticket
-bikes allowed for free or providing a 10€ fee, depending on the train

3/TGV which are high-speed long-distance trains:
-highest speed
-most expensive
-almost no stops
-regular comfort
-you have to book a ticket
-bikes allowed providing a 10€ fee WARNING: Inside TGV, there is enough room for two bikes only per train! Beyond this limit, you can still carry it as a luggage, which means that you have to dismantle and store your bike inside a bag.

We strongly advise you against taking bikes inside a TGV. They are very narrow and thus it is always complicated to carry any piece of luggage. We recommend you to stick with Intercité or TER. Furthermore, they will let you see more of the countryside thanks to their lower speeds. After all, you’re on holiday, aren’t you? 😊

Each rental includes:
-1 mini-pump
-1 speedometer per group (except racing bikes)
-1 safety lock (chain)
-1 repair kit (inner tube, sticking patches, multi-tools, tire-levers)

Trekking and e-bikes are automatically fitted with lights, rear racks, and pedals. Road bikes are delivered without pedals. They can be fitted with rear racks, as optional accessories. Should you wish to have them fitted with lights, please let us know.
Please note that we do not fix punctures. You have to use the above described kit to fix them yourself. Thank you for your comprehension.

The wide variety of vehicles and the increase in plastic spoilers make it almost impossible to offer this accessory.

If you wish to transport the bike(s) in your (rental or own) vehicle , please make sure you have the necessary space to do so in good conditions. We will ask you to provide us with the make and model of the car to ensure that this is the case.

The transport of the rented equipment in a vehicle other than a train systematically requires our written agreement.

For hygienic and storage reasons, we do not rent shoes.
As for the pedals, the large number of references on the market forces us to focus on the most common models: SPD, SPD-SL and Keo.

We will be happy to lend you a paper map, A3 format.
However, requesting a personalized detailed road map, falls in the scope of tailor-made itinerary. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

In France, drivers are pretty patient and cautious with cyclists. That being said, do not forget the basic safety and good behavior rules in order to share the road.

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